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With more than 15 years experience successfully leading large operational teams across multiple sectors I have a genuine passion for maximising people, and team, performance.  With an early background as a professionally qualified tennis coach coupled with an ongoing interest in people performance FirstServePerformance was born in 2015.  My aim is to deliver a range of engaging and unique training packages that can tangibly help people managers "be their best" unlocking not just their own potential, but their teams and their businesses too.

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about us...

With a subtle nod to the world of tennis the name FirstServePerformance was born.  The First Serve in tennis is a unique shot; it's typically the best the player can deliver and it's outcome and success is solely in the players control.  This mindset and approach of being in control of your own success is what we bring to all leaders and managers that we work with.

Serve your team. Serve your peers. Serve your boss. Serve your customers.‚Äč Serve yourself.  FirstServePerformance.

Why "Firstserve"